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We stand behind the quality of the products we manufacture and distribute. In the unlikely event a 
product fails, warranty will be granted quickly and unconditionally, providing the products were used 
for the application intended. Products used inappropriately or not maintained properly will not be
considered for warranty.

No warranty consideration can be made if the initial inspection shows that the product has been:

• Modified in any way.
• Used for purposes other than those, which it was designed for.
• Overstressed or over torqued.

Matador Arms will be the sole authority in evaluating warranty products, and will be glad to replace or 
repair products qualifying for warranty.

If a Matador Arms product is in question for warranty coverage, please contact Matador Arms directly 
via email at info@matadorarms.com, or by phone at 725.230.7100.

After initial discussions, it will be requested that the product in question be sent to Matador Arms’ 
direct mailing address at the cost of the customer. If the product is deemed to qualify for warranty 
coverage, Matador Arms will fix/replace the product and ship it back as expediently as possible, at the 
company’s cost. If the product does not qualify for warranty, then Matador Arms will discuss options 
with the customer and the product will be returned, at the cost of the customer.